whileitlasts originally was a temporary skatepark at the Bäckerei in Innsbruck, built out of salvaged materials. Over a period of 2 months a bunch of people gathered, built, ate, drank and laughed at themselves, then skated that place for a week before it got torn down again.
you can read the full story here: http://wh1leitlasts.blogspot.co.at/
so what is the point of building something for 6-7 weeks, in order to skate it for only a couple of days?
well, the act of building in itself was what we liked so much. it seems like that if you like something you´re doing, a whole awful lot, the perception of time fades into something eternal. you don`t think about the past, you don`t worry about the future, you basically get to be immersed in the present.
i've been snowboarding for half of my life, i've been designing outerwear, gloves, goggles, watches, a whole bunch of things. above all i really like to paint and to illustrate.
in my mind what all these activities have in common is, that once the goal is achieved, the fun is actually over. but while the moment of creating lasts, time gets irrelevant and sometimes eternal.
silkscreening shirts always got me into a state of not perceiving time, that`s actually why i always did it. i simply like the process in itself.
being so addicted to living in the moment, i basically loose connection to reality from time to time and i end up in a really dark place ...money wise.
a year ago a good friend of mine manuel bernert came up to me and said: dude i can't look at you anymore, here is some money, order some shirts! print them! i'll sell 'em for you!
and so i get to enjoy the present while silkscreen printing shirts a whole lot more, which i am really grateful for.
this is how we got to this place.
get immersed in the moment - while it lasts...

lukas goller